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  1. Tammy Says:

    How does one apply for a reverse mortgage? And can one get a reverse mortgage on a current FHA loan?

  2. greyhound Says:

    Sorry, I read your Indymac article too quickly. You never said that Financial Freedom was started by Countrywide. My error

  3. Darrin Says:


    I’m reaching out again to find out if you would be interested in discussing a sale of your domain reversemortgage.net. We are still searching for a good web site for our company. My cell is 312-485-1949.


  4. Andrew Says:

    Hey – my grandmother needs a reverse mortgage. What should I do? Any place I should point her to actually get one? Thanks

  5. Ken Davidson Says:

    Can we get copies of your Reverse Mortgage Factsheet? It is very well done.

  6. vicki Says:

    I have a question, how come this is not offered to people under the age of 62 who are disabled and on a fixed income? take me for example, I am 52, my income is around $2,000.00 a month and my mortgage is $1,175.00. Doesn’t leave much left over for food and utilities does it? I was just wondering why the disabled were left out of this program. Thank you.

  7. Mark Friedman Says:

    If one sees a reverse mortgage as a possibility within the next 5 years, wouldn’t now be the time to do one and invest the proceeds in a solid major insurance company annuity? I know that the spread isn’t that significant, but it is positive, and does accomplish locking in the rate for the future.

  8. Bob Butts Says:

    Is it possible to get a reverse mortgage forma new purchase, and if so what is the required down payment?

    Bob Butts

  9. Amy Hoster Says:

    I would like to place your information in my resource center on my website….I especially like the visual aid.

    Amy Hoster | Business Development Manager
    Find me on Twitter, Wiser Worker Blog, Linkedin and Facebook
    Phone (757) 351-8414 Cell Phone (602) 502-8803
    150 Granby Street 15th Floor Norfolk,VA 23510

  10. Carol Miller Says:

    Hi Reverse Mortgage.net

    You should remove the part about Wells Fargo.
    Perhaps you could add that MetLife is now the largest
    reverse mortgage lender and a local RI consultant, that used to work for Wells Fargo, is now the consultant
    for MetLife. Carol Miller 401-848-7281

    My best,

  11. Peter Badano Says:

    I owned a Manufacture Home in Naples (I owned the land under Co-op). Estimated market value: $30,000. It is possible a reverse mortgage for my manufacture home (I owned the land of the property)?

  12. Roxann Says:

    What if you get married after you have done the reverse

    How much time does the new spouse have to move out?

    Who sells the house, the bank or the familly?

  13. Murielle Cheron Says:

    I am looking for information on reverse mortgage for sister in NY. Please call me at 321 610-7921. Thank you.

    Thank you.


  14. Diane Says:

    Metlife exits the reverse mortgage business in April 2012. Now that all the big banks have left the business, I hear many people who fear the product may be eliminated. What do you think?

  15. troy Says:

    can you send me a business casrds

  16. Johann Goddard Says:

    How is reverse motgage paid off if owner dies?
    Is there insurance or is the “estate” responsible for the balance due?

  17. Natalie Says:

    My inlaws are in upstate New York (north of Albany). They are looking for a bank that does reverse mortgages. Any suggestions.

  18. gee Hen Says:

    do you have an office in Washington state? WHERE?

  19. Francesca L. Says:

    This is a very informative website! I represent a national title company that can help with title and settlement services across the country. I specifically handle PA and NJ. If anyone (lender or consumer) is thinking of heading down the reverse mortgage road, please feel free to contact us for questions about the closing process. 610-265-2464. – Francesca

  20. douglas fleming Says:

    I would like to refinance my reverse mtg. from 2008. Can you help?

  21. Melinda Scott Says:

    Why don’t you include Wells Fargo in the Lender Spotlight? They are causing me enormous grief.

  22. charles m coker Says:

    i would like to apply for a reverse mortgage on my residence.

    who can i talk to about getting a reverse mortgage on my residence?

  23. Donna Roark Says:

    How do I obtain copies of my moms mortgage agreement (since she passed in a fire in her home in Feb.) and how do I know how much of her insurance is for the mortgage company and what is due back to her estate?

  24. marc Says:

    I hear there are new rules about the age of a non borrowing spouse who is not on title.

  25. Phelan Says:

    I am looking for a bank in Las Vegas, Nevada that would refinance my current reverse mortgage with Wells Fargo (No longer handling Reverse Mortgages)
    If you have any suggestions…

  26. Lisa Albo Says:

    I would like to purchase a booklet to tell me about Reverse Mortgages.

    Thank you
    Lisa Albo

  27. Ron Case Says:

    I am so confused by the costs associated with this decision. We own our house, over 63, but the costs of $6200.00 to get this (home equity loan) confuses me. Does the rate of ? per year start decreasing the value of our house immediately? If & when you take a $ draw does the amount decrease the homes value or add to the amount you owe the lender? Can’t that quickly add up to where they will not allow any more draws, and I’ve never been on a variable rate before. How fast can this whole “experiment” stop existing? I am concerned about making enough in the future to afford the house without some type of loan. I do like the idea of not having to pay back the loan till last person leaves, because both of us are on social security.

  28. Patricia Rodriguez Says:

    Is there a reverse mortgage calculator or a book that shows the various possible scenarios of interest and amount that would be owed on your home depending on how much of a loan you took out. Also what is the highest% you can get and at what age? Thanks Pat

  29. les greevy Says:

    Husband and wife get a reverse mortgage.
    Wife transfers her interest in property to husband.
    Does that accelerate debt?

  30. louis turdo Says:

    I may be interested in a reverse mortgage for my mom please email me back thank you

  31. bob jaekel Says:

    I have a reverse mortage, when I pass away what do my heirs do with the house. Sell it, buy it or what?

  32. Coly Bryant Says:

    I have a reverse mortgage that I refinanced because of increased equity. When I refinanced the new (2nd) reverse mortgage paid off the 1st one including the equity I borrowed and the interest accrued on the 1st reverse mortgage. I have received 1098 stating the deductible mortgage interest. Is this interest deductible by me the owner and borrower or the financial institution that bought the mortgage. If deductible by me can I deduct it now or must I wait to claim it when I sell the house?

    Thank you for your help.

    Coly Bryant

  33. Terry Whited Says:

    I would like info on a reverse mortgage

  34. Pauline Criscimagna Says:

    I’d appreciate being directed to the proper department at Bank of America to discuss possible purchase of an abandoned property owned by Bank of America. Property location: 31 Plochmann Lane, Woodstock, NY.

    Thank you.
    Pauline Criscimagna

  35. Janet Vieths Says:

    I would like to get a reverse mortgage and see how much I can get and I would like sons car to get paid off my credit card and the plumber and my sons wells fargo credit card and t moble and when my credit score goes up then I willget out of it and get a reular mortgage I want this done with noappersail no credit check and noo closing cost give me a call at 6513887054

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